a Bird



Impressions from the bird's eye view

From booking to landing

1. Registration

You register online or by phone for a flight and we will determine the exact time of your flight.

2. letzte Absprachen

I will let you know the time and place the evening before your flight.


3. get to know

We get to know each other on the way to the starting point.


4. off to the starting area

I assess the wind conditions and lay out the paraglider.


5. start

I instruct you with a few words, then we set off and are soon in the air.


6. flight

We enjoy the silence and the beautiful flight.


7. landing

What to consider shortly before landing.


8. payment

You pay for your flight in cash, by card or by TWINT.


9. Photos and videos

The memories of your flight.


Address List

Social Network

General Terms and Conditions


Flying like a bird.